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What is PRP Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss or hair shedding is a widespread problem today. Every 90 out of 100 people suffer from regular hair loss. An unhealthy lifestyle, stress or medical conditions can all cause hair loss. It can be a contributing factor to psychological distress and is associated with low self-
esteem and depression. Hair loss can become especially concerning when hair,is lost but doesn’t grow back. In this situation, our team at Diva can help with advanced PRP Therapy for continual hair loss and regrowth.

What is PRP Treatment?

Platelet-rich plasma, commonly called PRP, is a three-step medical treatment for hair loss and regrowth. As an emerging treatment option, PRP is a cost effective way to battle the effects of hair loss and promote new growth. The procedure starts by taking a blood sample from the patient, processing it, and then injecting it back into the scalp.

STEP 1 – The process of PRP for hair regrowth starts with withdrawing a blood sample, commonly from the arm, and then putting it into a centrifuge – a machine that spins fluid quickly to separate substances.
STEP 2 – After about 10-15 minutes in the centrifuge, the blood will separate into three layers: 1.) Platelet-rich plasma, 2.) Platelet-poor plasma 3.) Red blood cells
STEP 3 – The platelet-rich plasma, which will encourage hair regrowth, is injected into the affected area of the scalp. The entire process takes less than an hour.

Am i Eligible For PRP Treatment?
    • You are eligible for PRP treatment if you do not fall under any one of the categories given below:

    • Complete baldness or low-density hair.
    • Currently taking blood thinning medication.
    • Indulge in drugs.
    • Heavy smoker.
    • Suffer from medical conditions like cancer, liver disease or a blood disorder.

PRP is a commonly indicated for young adult male or female patients with age group within 25-30 years with grade-1 & grade-2 baldness with miniaturixation of follicule and gradually thining of hair.

We advise patients get a whole body check-up before undergoing PRP treatment to avoid any side effects in the future.

Time Period:

The whole process is around 4-6 months long with maintenance treatment every 4-6 months. The anticipated result in PRP treatment is seen between 1st and 4th injection. Before every session, a hair pull test is also performed by the clinician.


Consistency is key. For the desired result, the patient has to regularly receive injections. Following the time protocol, the anticipated effect can first be seen within 2-3 months.

Why should choose Diva for Hair Loss Treatment
  • Dr. Vivek Kumar Saxena is a famous cosmetic and plastic surgeon based at Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh). He is known for his expertise in treating hair loss through advanced hair transplant procedures. He has 11 years of experience in the hair transplant field and has treated patients with eyebrow, moustache, and beard baldness using reconstruction techniques. He is the pioneer of FOLLICULAR UNIT TRANSPLANTATION in Uttar Pradesh and Long Length Longitudinal Silver in India.

About Clinic

Diva Clinic is the first ultra-modern, state-of-the-art clinic located in the heart of Gomtinagar and is well connected to all the principal towns of India via air or land. Centrally air-conditioned, with modern equipment, our hair transplant center in Uttar Pradesh is dedicated to exceptional hair restoration surgery for men and women of all ages. Surgical procedures offered here include hair transplant , flap surgery, and tissue expansion to name a few. The clinic is dedicated to providing the utmost care and comfort to all clients.

Laser Cap

Laser Cap are a cap-shaped device, designed to treat hair loss. The design is inspired by the old-school method of treating hair loss using old laser techniques. Now the million dollar question is:

  • Does Laser Cap work.?
  • Does it be useful in treating hair loss.?

The short answer is YES. What you all need to do is, listen carefully to all the instructions given by your doctor and follow the best routine. Laser cap will take 20-30 minutes daily for a week or two, and you shall start seeing the result in the given period.

Cost Of Hair Loss Treatment
  • PRP – The price typically ranges 4000/- Rs depending on the number of sessions required.
  • Advance Medication – Advance medication prices start from 1000 Rs and can go up to 10000 Rs
  • Laser Cap – The laser cap price starts from 500/- Rs. per sitting and can go up to 800/- Rs. per sitting

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The estimated value varies depending on the quality of equipment and the nutritive components that have been picked for the patient.

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