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What is Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a symptomatic,(almost/Nearly) permanent solution to baldness , a latest technique , cosmetic procedure , whereby we take a person’s own hair root from the back of the head (safe donor zone)and transfer to the front in the area of baldness, it grows just like any other natural hairs , every month they will grow, you can have a subsequent hair cut , can apply oil , comb , shampoo, color ,dye , style to your choice ,keep rough & tough , they stay for rest of their (hair) life and never fall (due to genetic reason which constitute 90 % of the cause of baldness ) , even if you clean shave them ,they will re-grow again.

Hair Transplant is a One day procedure, done under local anaesthesia, where a team of 6-8 members operate for 6-8 hour transplanting one by one hair roots from the back of scalp to the front. Throughout the procedure the client remain fully awake, talks comfortably to the doctor , listen music inside Ot ,and have a tea & lunch break in between process , and at the end of procedure ,he walks down comfortably to his home. There is no hospitalization, No dietary restriction, he takes a sound sleep at night, without pain, from the next day morning he can resume his normal work /office , there is no bed rest required. We basically transplant hair roots from the back of the scalp to front , which start growing after 3 months and attain their full length (visible results of transplant) within 6-8 months of procedure.

According to dr. vivek saxena – hair transplant is a symptomatic treatment of baldness which involves transfer of hair roots from the safe donor zone of scalp or body to the area of baldness and its subsequent rearrangement in such a way so as to give a good result (natural looking density (apparent) , natural occurring hairline and a natural fall of hair.)

The final result of hair transplant comes after 9 months of surgery , which in turn depends on the
  • Surgeon operating – his Experience and Surgical Expertise
  • Donor area characteristic – Hair Density( Low or High), Hair Quality ( Poor or Good),
  • Recipient area Skin characteristic – vascularity (productivity) – good or poor (as in case of regular use of smoking , tobacco or alcohol and uncontrolled diabetes , thyroid etc.)
Are You Eligible For Hair Transplant?
    Not everyone is a prime candidate for a hair transplant. The success of a hair transplant depends on a number of factors including:

  • Donor’s hair’s density
  • Donor’s hair thickness
  • Various health concerns like blood sugar problems, high blood pressure, skin allergies etc.
  • Alopecia – A serious hair loss disease
  • Scalp condition and flexibility

All these factors come into consideration during your check-up/consultation and following results the doctor will diagnose whether or not a patient is a successful candidate for viable hair restoration results.
Our team of skilled experts will examine your hair and scalp using ultra-effective techniques to pinpoint the root cause of your problem and then suggest the best possible treatment. We are proud of our 98% success rate and strive to offer the best possible results for every patient.

Why should choose Diva for Hair Transplant
  • Dr Vivek Saxena is a renowned hair transplant surgeon in and around Lucknow area.He, along with his skilled team, have many years of experience that enable them to provide quality transplants at affordable rates putting any burden on your pockets.
  • Unlike other hair transplant clinics that store grafts, Dr. Vivek maintains a high success rate due to his direct transplant techniques which increases the live follicle rate and thus ensures 100% viability. The entire procedure is carried out under high hygiene maintenance and the roots of the hair are kept untouched to avoid any further medical issues.
Cost Of Hair Transplant

A hair transplant requires a number of procedures to gain effective results. The total cost is based on a number of factors including:

  • The grade of baldness and the number of grafts required
  • The budget of client and the number of sittings required.
  • The method chosen for the transplant, i.e. FUT or FUE, FUT+FUE combo, BHT

Total cost generally starts from 20,000 Rs. Usually a transplant area of 2 to 3 inches in circumference costs around 50,000 Rs. For 3.5 to 5 inch area, cost is anywhere from 65 to 80,000 Rs or more.
To find out the approximate cost, click here- Cost Calculator

Result of Hair Transplant

We treat hair loss patients at a high success rate. After the hair transplant, we provide a complete set of instructions to ensure a safe recovery period. After the hair transplant surgery the hair should be treated with care. It’s vital to the sustainment of the transplant that patients closely follow all instructions for hair care following the procedure. Over time the patient will observe growth of full strength hair in the transplant area.

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