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Requirment Of Graft As Per Area Of Baldness
Grade No. Of FUG (Follicular Unit Graft)
Grade-I 500 to 1000 FUG- Depending On Hairline (High or Low)
Grade-II 1000 to 1500 FUG- Depending On Hairline (High or Low)
Grade-III 1500 to 2500 FUG- Depending On Hairline (High or Low)
Grade-IV 2500 to 3500 FUG- Depending On Hairline (High or Low) and Density at Vertex (High or Low)
Grade-V 3500 to 4500 FUG- Depending On Hairline (High or Low) and Density at Vertex (High or Low)
Grade-VI 4500 to 6500 FUG- Depending On Hairline (High or Low) and Density at Vertex (High or Low)
Grade-VII 6000 to 8000 FUG- Depending On Hairline (High or Low) and Density at Vertex (High or Low)

The expense of hair transplant in India is relatively low and typically varies depending upon a number of factors and ranging from ₹20,000-2,00,000 lakh. The low cost of hair transplant is a satisfying news for many who have just started shedding hairs or going bald. The reasons behind the rising trend of going bald at a very young age are primarily, hereditary, dandruff, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, pollution, and poor diet.

What Are The Cost Determinants?
Hair Requirement
The cost varies based on the element which depends upon the area of baldness, and the numbers of grafts need to be implanted. The range is in between ₹ 50000-100000 lakh rupees for an average case of baldness. Visit Diva Clinic for more information.
Procedure Type
There are various procedures available at Diva Clinic to get a hair transplant done, like FUE, FUT technique, FUE+FUT combo technic, PRP therapy, laser treatment, to name a few. The cost of each treatment is different from other. There are various parameters which affect the value of hair transplant. Now as you know there is a price difference in hair transplant methods, you should also see the reason behind it. It is because of the hair transplant method. There is two highly applied hair transplant method:
Follicular Unit Transplantation
FUT is a hair restoration technique, in which a small strip of tissue is eliminated from head’s back from which the donor hair follicles will be removed. It is performed in a way which ditto work like natural hair growth and is an ideal choice for the one who has a large bald area on their head.
Follicular Unit Excision
Hair transplant has come a very long way with technology advancement from old techniques to FUT to new FUE treatment. With the introduction of FUE techniques, the dream of “minimal scar” in the affected area is coming true. In this method, every follicular unit is independently taken from the scalp. Unlike FUT, no strip of tissue is removed in FUE. Hair follicles are detached in a way that it is not even noticeable and the results are great.
Surgeon And Equipment
The price of a hair transplant treatment also depends on these two parameters: surgeon and material. You will experience an increasing trend in rate if you opt for more advanced equipment and experienced surgeon.
The Place You Live
The area you live in is the deciding factor. May or may, not your area has a hair transplant clinic. If your location has one hair transplant clinic, you need to compare the price of other regions, and it may vary in many aspects. Moreover, if your area doesn’t have a hair transplant clinic, you have to move to another location to search for the one. They both are indirect addition to the cost of actual treatment.


Diva Clinic is always there for their patients. To reduce their financial burden, we also offer EMI facility at zero percent interest rate. The patient or his/her family have to pay the down payment amount at the time of treatment, and the remaining amount will be divided into 9 parts. Isn’t easy?
Don’t long more, if you’re suffering from baldness. Visit Diva Clinic today, and we are here to help you in any manner. Our representatives and doctors are waiting for you.

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