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Body Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Surgery is on the rise from past few years. Hair loss is one of the prime concerns of the society these days. It can lead to distress and anxiety as well as embarrassment in people. Earlier, hair loss was considered a mark of aging. However, today with changes in the lifestyle pattern people under the age groups of 25-30 are also suffering from prominent hair loss symptoms.

Hair loss can be caused by myriad reasons including pollution, genetics or lack of proper healthy diet. The pattern of hair loss may vary from person to person depending on the gender, age and diet routine but the psychological issues caused by it are likely the same. With number of treatment options and faux branding of hair growth products people try and explore different ways of regrowing their body hair. Body hair transplant is one of those effective procedures to give a life back to the hair follicles on the body. Body hair transplant is different from the common hair transplant in which the hair from other parts of the body including beard, eyebrows are extracted and transplanted onto the scalp. Generally, hair from the scalp is used to serve the purpose. However, sometimes the patients may not have sufficient donor area to carry out the procedure. Hence, it calls for excision of hair from other parts of the body. The procedure is carried out using almost always by FUE (Follicular Unit Excision) methods;

In the FUE procedure, follicular unit grafts are removed from the donor area of the skin with the aid of a specialized tool and inserted into the minute cuts on the recipient area. The cuts are angled in a way to mimic the natural direction of hair growth. The hair follicles thus grow strong in the affected area. On the other hand in the FUT procedure, instead of removing follicular unit grafts a strip of hair is removed from the donor area which is further divided into single follicles or groups and then inserted in the same way as the FUE procedure. The type of procedure used for hair transplant depends on person to person.

Body Hair Transplant Areas

Beard Transplant – Beard transplant is also a part of the body hair transplant procedure and as the name indicates, it is a hair restoration procedure in which beard hair are transplanted to the scalp with the help of FUE. The vice versa also holds true in which the hair follicles from scalp are removed to reconstruct a beard. Scalp is ideally considered a donor zone but it is more prone to hair loss compared to the other areas of the body and so, body hair from arms, legs, and chest can also be removed to reconstruct a beard. Again, not everyone have this type hair either. So, for these cases beard hair are extracted and transplanted to the scalp.
Eyebrow Transplant – Eyebrows are one of the prominent features of the face. They are crucial not only for for conveying facial expressions but also for protecting the eyes from outside the debris and dirt. Eyebrow transplant, is a procedure in which the eyebrows are framed and reconstructed by extracting hair from other parts of the body with the help of FUT technique.
Mustache Transplant – Mustache hair transplant helps in restoring the hair on men’s mustache line. The hair from scalp or other parts of the body are extracted and transplanted to construct a mustache with the help of FUE technique. The transplanted hair, grow naturally like the other facial hairs and can also be trimmed or shaved after the procedure.

Why Should You Choose Diva For Hair Transplant?
  • Hair transplant surgeon and expert Dr. Vivek is a renowned surgeon in the Lucknow area. He, along with his skilled team, have many years of experience that enable them to provide quality transplants at affordable rates that do not burden your pockets.
  • Unlike other hair transplant clinics that store grafts, Dr. Vivek maintains a high success rate due to his direct transplant techniques which increase the live follicle rate and thus ensures 100% viability. The entire procedure is carried out under high hygiene maintenance and the roots of the hair are kept untouched to avoid any further damage.
Cost Of Body Hair Transplant

The cost of a body hair transplant depends on many factors such as the amount of hair being moved, the number of sessions required to complete the procedure and so on. The cost is generally decided as per the number of sessions and is charged accordingly. If you are interested in a body hair transplant at Diva, contact us on

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