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What is Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a restorative procedure performed by surgeons in order to correct baldness usually in men. Males are generally more prone to hair loss than women and thus it calls for a transplant procedure. Just like an organ transplantation in which one organ from the donor is inserted into the body of a recipient a hair transplant procedure utilizes hair follicles instead of an organ.

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The hair transplant procedure is carried out with the help of two techniques.
1. FUE – Follicular Unit Excision
2. FUT – Follicular Unit Transplantation


In the first technique, that is, the FUE a surgeon removes one hair follicle at a time and insert it meticulously into the desired area of the scalp. The recipient area of the head is previously cut at such an angle to promote natural hair growth. The cuts are made minute so as to insert the hair follicles accurately. A local anaesthetic is usually applied in the beginning to protect you from the unnecessary pain. FUE is not indicate when 1.) For Less dense donor area. 2.) Where thickness of follicle is less & more uneven.


In the second technique, that is, FUT the surgeon removes a strip or bunch of hair from the donor area to transplant. He then divides the strip or bunch of hair follicles singularly and inserts them in the same way as the FUE. Both of the methods are effective and last for not more than 6 to 8 hours. The patient can also resume their work the very same day after carrying out the procedure.
What is The Cost of Hair Transplant Methods?

The cost of hair transplant depends from person to person as well as the surgeon. The location of recipient area, donor area, amount of transplantation, method of excision all-together decide the cost of the procedure.

Are you eligible for hair transplant?

If you are suffering from age related baldness, complete alopecia or baldness caused due to excessive hair loss then you can consider the treatment. The doctor will first assess the affected area as well as the donor area. If general donor area, that is, the back of the head is devoid of hair then other areas are assessed. Overall, the outcome of the procedure is assured with the aid of proper technique.

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